Life In a Nutshell

So, as I go back into the previous months of my blog, I realize that my tendency has been to blog approximately once or twice a month. Yes, pathetic. I am not exactly sure what caused me to to quit. My suspicion is it started when my life consisted only of school and I tired of merely telling people what tests were coming up in my life. Then I fell so far behind, I couldn’t say anything without having to give some sort of huge background which would then make my blog complicated. Then life changed drastically and became intense and serious for a while and I didn’t have any desire to become a dark, depressed blogger. However, I have decided to continue blogging (I think) despite what is going on in life and just see what happens. I have basically lost all traffic on my blog except for my few faithful friends-brownies to you all-but for some reason I am not very phased by that. Myself posting random words into the vast expanses of the internet and having no one to read them for some reason is not a big deal to me. A lot of things aren’t anymore I suppose.

So, to fill you all in on life in the last few months in extremely condensed sentences (hopefully):
-I just turned 20 and am still unsure what I think about it. Sure, I was a teenager at 18, but now I have no excuse to be immature. Darn! ๐Ÿ˜‰
-I could graduate in one more semester. At the worst time I am unsure if I want to do this. My option at this point would be vet school and I am pondering the implications of what my financial status would be after four years of medical school.
-My other ideas as far as school goes is to stay one more semester (graduate spring of 2009) and go to physician’s assistant school. This is three years of training and I could graduate with no college loans.
-I live with my parents again. I moved from my apartment in town to a room in Pueblo to be closer to school to my parent’s basement. It was something God didn’t want me to do at first, but after a few lonely months, I was able to come back. Woo hoo for studying in a kitchen with small people running around screaming! Yay for fewer frozen dinners (My Mom makes my life better in so many ways. :))!
-I have a two month long internship about three hours away from the town I live in. I am one month into it, so only four weeks left to go. I am at a wildlife rehabilitation center and can usually be found feeding baby birds.
– Once I get back, it looks like I will be working at an organic farm in town. Guess I will soon be a dark skinned, Teva wearing hippie. Woot! <—-Speaking of "woot", I finally realize where this exasperating word comes from. The World of Warcraft. Argh! What a waste of time, and no I don't play. I refuse to give in.
– My family is amazing. Some hard, crazy times with a sibling who is really struggling with life. It’s a learning experience of being real with someone and then leaving a person to God to pursue.
-My theme question lately. How does a person know that they are compatible with someone for the rest of their life? Sure, there will be irritations and things one has to work through, but when do you stop being logical about something and just decide you want to spend the rest of life with someone? Serious question, yes, but one that is on my mind lately nevertheless.
-I’m studying for my GRE currently. I plan on taking it at the beginning of August or end of July. I am nearly to the end of the math section. Woo hoo! I realize I still dislike word problems as much as I did in 8th grade, and I am still confused by functions. Some things just don’t change I suppose.

That is all that comes to mind right now. I intend to continue blogging, so someone come after me if I don’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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