Rockclimbing!!!! I went on Memorial Day with some friends. This was the first time I had done any outdoor rockclimbing. I was used to indoor which I discovered was quite a bit easier. In indoor, it is easy to find handholds which are I then often use to pull my whole body up. In outdoor, one has to find good footholds and push up your whole body sometimes without anywhere to put your hands.
Most of what we did was top climbing which involves a top rope. If you can, the person belaying you just catches the rope and you dangle. My friend Sam tried some sport climbing which is much more intense. As you climb, you put your clips into bolts in the rock. So at points, you are climbing with your point of attachment a ways below you. In this case, if you fall, you fall a ways. Sam fell at one point and Audra flew up in the air a few feet before she caught him. 😉 That was amusing once we saw that everyone was okay…


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