Yes, I know I am a slacker. Life has been pretty crazy for the past month. It’s not excuse though. What’s new? 😉

So, I am back in Canon. After more prayer, God let me move back. I like to say God changed His mind, but I think I actually changed my attitude.

Spring break was GREAT! I went with Campus Crusade to Mississippi to do some hurricane relief work. I was very surprised at what still needed to be done in the area. We were kept busy most of the time picking up debris. Some of the more interesting articles were a moped and a life-jacket in a tree. However, we also had the opportunity to help two individuals either build a house or fix up a house from damage that had been done. It was a great opportunity to take time to serve for a week and get away from school. I met a lot of new friends which was also fun!

I am going to live in Longmont, Colorado for two months this summer. I have an internship at a wildlife rehabilitation center which I am very excited about. I think this will be a great experience to put on my application for vet school-which I do this summer. AH!

Speaking of school, I am looking at a school in Grenada. 😉 It has an amazing program that combines a doctor of veterinary medicine degree and a master of public health degree. It seems to be an opportunity that would combine my interest in animal medicine and my desire to serve in Africa’s public health situation. This is a perfect opportunity, and I am looking into the program very seriously.

Well, I am off to Mammalogy. Only three weeks and four days of school left! I can hardly believe it.


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