Of the Day

The admission of the day: I am officially a Facebooker. Ah! I have joined the mind washed masses of college students. Oh well. Life must go on I suppose.

Observation of the Day: It doesn’t help a person’s stress level to go on and on about how to not be nervous while giving a speech.

Quote of the Day: You’re the fun in my Funyons. Thank you, Patricia! You are now officially a published…quoter.

Vent of the Day: Sick! Ew! Ruins my flow. I went to sleep at 9 last night. So much for studyding for Organic.

Wish of the Day: University of Alaska calls and SAYS I GOT THE INTERNSHIP. AH!!!!

Craving of the Day: Oooh, fettucine alfredo sounds great. Rather, I will likely be having tater tot casserole which I made and froze. Also very good in my opinion.


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