Happy Second Day of the Week

Happy Tuesday! I had one class today. I usually get a lot of work done on this particular day of the week. This morning before class, I studied for my molecular genetics test and did some chemistry homework.
Then class which was honestly quite boring. We had a quiz which no one did very well on. For some odd reason, I am not quite caring about that right now.
Then I worked on a paper for 3.5 hours. It would have been two, but I lost it on the first round. It went to someplace in the black hole of Microsoft Word land. Odd… At least it went quicker the second time around.
Anyone seen “Across the Universe”? Good movie! I have been interested in the 60s-age of hippies of sorts-for some time, so I found it interesting in that sense. It was also a very visually appealing movie-colorful and so forth. Admittedly, sometimes due to their acid trips, but interesteing nonetheless.
Have a good one! I am off to chemistry study session. Woo hoo!


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