Balance. It’s something I have a difficult time comprehending. Once I decided to do something, I bust it out, push as hard as I can, focus completely on it, and can’t focus on anything else. It is absolutely all or absolutely nothing for me. Sometimes this is a good trait, but sometimes it isn’t.

Last semester, I was really focusing on school. That was a good thing, but I got to the end of my semester, realizing I basically had no friends. I was so busy with homework, classes, projects, research, volunteering at the veterinary clinic, and being involved in several school clubs that I didn’t have time to do anything for sixteen weeks. As I got closer and closer to my 4 week break, I was really looking forward to hanging out with my friends. The break was finally here, and I realized my friends had basically moved on. Granted, it wasn’t just my life that changed, but theirs too. In any case, I am wanting to make an attempt to be more balanced next semester. Yes, school, homework, my club commitments, and work at the veterinary clinic are my priorities, but I made a conscious effort to make more time for some fun.

My plan involves the following: I will be taking 13 academic credits-mammology (an easy class), organic II (supposedly easier than I), genetics (A retake because I got a B. I blame it on pathetic group work.), molecular biology and genetics (only 2 credits), and senior seminar (one credit of independent research and end of the semester presentation). Since I need 15 credits to retain my scholarship, I am going to take the rest of my credits as field experience. I’ll get credit for working at the vet clinic. I’ll have one day with only one class-a whole day to study. I’ll work Satruday at the vet clinic (a day to not think about school). The rest of my days have fewer classes than I had this semester. I will have more study time, and it looks as if I will have time to commit to going to a bible study on campus. Woo hoo!

That is, in summary, my current plan for balance. 🙂


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