I dunno…

Well, I lost all the comments I have ever had on my blog. I am hoping this is a temporary situation…

Just had my first two finals today. Cell biology lab which I have to have done well on. An A was obtained by losing 5 points on the 50 point test. Praying for that A. Then an ichthyology final. It went well. Especially since it wasn’t cumulative. 🙂 One of the question I think I missed was about a dun. Which is actually a part of the life stage of a bug. So, since I am in fish class, I think I have an excuse. Or not…

One organic chemistry test tommorrow-not a final-and a take home test from Organic lab that is due. For a minute it crossed my mind: “Now I can breathe”. But then I remember the four other tests for next week that I need to start studying for. He he… Talk about running with endurance.


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