Too Old for This

This so should not be happening. This happens to the abnormally short middle schoolers who still have their voice cracking. Nothing against middle schoolers, but I celebrate life once I was out of that crazy stage.
Last night I realized I lost my retainers. Yes, I wear my retainers. I had too many hours of dentistry and too much metal and plastic in my mouth in those awkward years to just let it all revert to the way it was.
I come back home each weekend from Pueblo. Apparently, I lost them somewhere between my place in Pueblo and my parent’s house. Hmm…..Odd. I search everywhere at my parent’s place and they were nowhere. So, I was off to Pueblo. Again. On a Friday night. How pathetic is that? Very. Depressing too. Well, I got all the way there and did not find them.
I figured I would have to try and get to a dentist today and get some emergency retainers. Ridiculous as it may be, I was very worried.
Well, the story has a good ending. He he…. My renter called last night and saw them in the trashcan in my room. Guess they fell off my desk yesterday morning when I rushed out of the house. Who knows.
So there is my exciting Friday night story. Yeah, the rumors of the exciting college weekends are not true. At least not in my case. I usually end up studying. Or driving to Pueblo to look for my retainers. Life is amusing…


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