I woke up in time this morning. Woohoo! And I am wearing overalls and a sweatshirt for the first time in about 4 or 5 months.

I shouldn’t be blogging. I have a chemistry test tommorrow. My genius plan was to finish all my chemistry homework this weekend. I did. About five hours later, I threw my pencil and paper in the air, and left all thought of hydrocarbons on the carpet. Okay, so it wasn’t that drastic. Anyway, my plan was to study this week. Well, I walked into O Chem yesterday and we got another huge set of homework. *sad face* We’ll see where the whole test studying part actually comes in. I have less than 24 hours. This should be interesting….:) I am not as stressed as I would have been last year though. Interesting.

Observation: Chemistry is only a minor and it takes up more time than my biology classes combined. I’ve observed this every semester, so I’m claiming it as a fact. 🙂


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