Scavenger Hunt

As I finally feel summer end with the temperatures and light changing, I see the end of the lap. The race isn’t over, but this part of it is. I realize even more now that when I stick to what I know is right, it will turn out. Regardless of how long it takes, God will get me through it. Once it finally sinks in how I should truly be thinking, it changes. All it took was a mindset change. I’m not saying problems won’t come up again, but with this experience and changes I have made, I think they will be fewer and less intense.
Yesterday, we celebrated my roomie’s birthday. She said she wanted a surprise, so I planned a picture scavenger hunt. We split into two teams, and each one had to get thirteen pictures of something in particular. Each one they got was worth one point. Some examples of these pictures were everyone on the team in a Volkswagen bug, mimicking a statue, a picture of someone eating a Cheeseburger, and a member of the team wearing a fast food uniform. There were also five things to get pictures of that would be rated based on the creativity. One picture was a public work of art. The other team won when the two male members wrote public work of art in sharpie on their stomachs and took pictures of the “manly sixpack”. He he…That was amusing. I will not be posting that one on the internet however. If you want to see the other, go to my myspace:


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