Uh oh

Sitting in the library at school, eating grapes. Mmmm, yummmy. I decided to take a break on nomenclature of organic compounds. Considering I do not have 3×5 cards with me to put all the things I need to memorize on, I figured I would move on. To blogging. 🙂

So I am quite worried. A fellow student has shown some interest. In dating. I am not interested, and I see the person nearly every day. How to let this one slide under the rug without hurting any feelings? I don’t want to hurt any feelings. How quickly things go from an e-mail concerning academic questions to wanting to date. Uh oh…I woke up worried about the day, wondering what I should do. Working on my excuse list: I have decided not to date while in college (Can’t, cause it’s not true.)
I’m already taken (Not officially true, but I believe the person asking is not the one I will be taken by)
I have to do my hair Friday night (Hehe, not gonna work)
I’m busy Friday night (I could invent something)
My Dad has a huge gun collection (He needs to start one still I guess)


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