My Random Observations/Happenings

There is something about Tuesdays. Something not right. Something in the air. I forgot my lunch again. Just like last Tuesday.

I have a small organic chemistry assignment. Five problems. Yet, I’ve dedicated about an hour or so to it and have only figure out one. Thank God for problem solving sessions and office hours.

We have an SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) at school that I want to use. I talked to my O. Chem lab prof and he mentioned the possibility of summer research. Hmmm…

I am going to be the new representative for the Medical Science club. Woopdeedoo!

Runners are crazy. We purposely punish ourselves yet enjoy it. Why?

A research lab filled with rats is an interesting place for a guy to show an interest. He he…Bravo for bravery however.

I just realized 90% of my “random” notes were about school. Hmm, guess I am a little preoccupied.


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