Fishing For Your Kisses…

Hehe…Title is from a funny song. Yesterday, on campus, we had an involvement fair. All the clubs on campus come out and set up booths in order for freshmen and also some other year students to get an idea of how they can get involved on campus. I manned the medical science booth for an hour. While there, I had the priviledge to listen to a band that is composed of students that attend CSU-P. Interesting stuff. A guitar, harmonica, jimbae, and a bass. You can check them out here.

First round of organic chemistry homework. It was rumored to be an easy set, but I have a few questions. Thank you, Jesus, for the twice weekly study sessions. I’ll be there tonight! 🙂

It is starting to cool down around here. I am wearing jeans today. Wow! Yesterday on campus we had some intense flooding. “Unfortunately” (Actually, I was amused), I had to change buildings between classes during a torrential downpour. The puddles AKA ponds between buildings were up to my ankles. It was amusing to see people in the bathroom drying their socks with the hand dryer. I love it!


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