The Second Day

I forgot my lunch this morning. Tragic. Luckily, all the buildings were giving away free breakfast burritos. I saved one for later in the day. Then I splurged a buck for some icky crackers from the vending machine. Most interesting food I’ve eaten in a while…

I did my first round of research with a professor today. We are investigating rats in senescence which is basically the deterioration of an animal in old age. Through a process of recording preferences of rats (Yes, we really work with rats.) along a temperature gradient, one is able to see how these preferences change with age. It was very odd to be in the basement of the biology building, alone in a room with the exception of a lone rat. It was very quiet….I worked on my cell biology lab report while waiting for times to do the various temperature readings.

Ichthyology (study of fish) should be intersting. There is no final exam, most of the lectures are those presented by students (undergraduate and graduate alike), and we learn how to fly fish. This whole graduate class concept fascinates me…


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