Woo hoo!!!!

Newest update on the blessings God has brought to the orphans of Kenya and Uganda!!!

The 270,865 (43,000 lbs) of nutrient enriched meals have finally been granted the “Exemption from Duty” Certificate that we have been working on for 10 months. Praise the Lord!
Through the difficulties of replacing staff, the situation brought a man into our lives (Martin) who was an ex-Custom Duty Officer who worked on the very dock in Mombasa where our food was being held. I met Martin at his request. I met he and the town Elders of Webuye as a result of them hearing about the difficulties as we replaced the managers of the Webuye Children’s Home. During our conversation I mentioned that we were disappointed in the former staff being unable to get the 40 ft. container that we had raised $9,000.00 to ship containing $45,000.00 worth of doanted food. It was then that “Martin” began to inform me of the “corruption” that abounds in the Kenya Custom Department and how that everyone wants a bribe to move the paper work to the next level. I was amazed and discouraged at the same time, knowing that we were not going to “bribe” anyone in this process. I felt that we would just be adding to the already corrupt culture of Kenya if we were to begin paying “bribes.”
I asked Martin if he thought he could assist us getting the food exempted from duty without paying bribes. Tears came to his eyes and he said, “If I could help get this food into Webuye for the hungry children, it would the largest thing I have ever done in my life.” What a divine meeting this was! What Satan meant for evil, God turned around and sent a man to us who could actually get the exemption certificate. (Otherwise – the duty was over $28,000.00 and the storage would have be $10.00 per day for 10 months.)
What an awesome God we serve. Thanks to all who have prayed for this action to be completed. God has heard and answered our prayers in a miraculous way.
On Monday, Godfrey and Martin will travel to Nairobi again to meet with the shipping company and then will go to Mombasa to sign for the release and shipment of the food to Webuye. They need around $300.00 for transporation and hotels in Nairobi and Mombasa for 4 nights. If you want to assist with an offering towards their expenses feel free to e-mail and let me know. You can go on-line and send it through Pay Pal at our site www.kenyaorphans.org
Thanks for you love for the orphans of Kenya. Together, and through our persistence, we are truly making a difference in the lives of many orphans. Now 844 orphans will receive a nutritious meal every day for an entire year. Praise the Lord!

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