Tag by Sookie

I was tagged by Sookie!

This summer, would you rather…….
1. fly on a broomstick or move things with your mind?
Definantly fly on a broomstick. I’d save a lot on gas. He he…

2. Grow wings or develop an ability to see the future?
Wings. The future isn’t exciting when you know what it is.

3. Go to Mars or go to Faeryland?
Fairyland. More social interaction there. As far as I know, there is no life on Mars.

4. Go looking for trolls or take a ride on a dragon?
Ride on a dragon. The thought is pretty cool.

5. Stake out a vampire coven or eat steak with one?
Stake out. Much more excitement.

6. Attend a funeral with a Banshee or visit Roswell, NM?
Uh, Roswell, cause meeting a banshee sounds cool, but who knows who’s funeral I would be at.

7. Be magically transported to a world where everything is black and white or be trapped in the Beast’s castle?
Black and white world. I hate confinement.

8. Find out your teacher is actually an alien or find out your parents are wizards and witches?
I already know some of my teachers are aliens, so that is no longer exciting. How about my parents are wizards and witches. Maybe they could pay for my school then. he he…

9. Drink a mochalatte with Yoda or have a glass of water with The Lady of the Lake?
Lady of the lake. I hate coffee.

10. Have a pixie as a pet or a flying alligator?
Uh, pixie. They are smaller and could probably get more done for me.


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