Article Excerpt

“Hope of a physical life beyond this world, in a world surged with the eternal love of God that will never end ā€” that hope gives us a reason to live today, a central focus to resist worldly distraction, and the forbearance to face anything on earth.

When I walk through a cemetery, I see my life as a vapor, and I thank God for the breath He’s given me in this world. But I don’t stop there. I thank Him more for the breath He’ll breathe into my dead body so it will never rot again.

Resurrection hope gave early martyrs the steadiness to confess Christ when the sword hovered over their head. It is this hope that strengthens us to be instruments in God’s kingdom, for however long or short a time He gives. It overcomes any fear”

You know those songs that define a time in your life. Put you on your knees each time you hear it…


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