My Boring Rant

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Attempting to remember verses in Matthew about worrying not adding any height to me. Not that I am wanting to be taller or anything. More like worrying about finals. So, here goes. I have a test on Wednesday. If I get a good grade on it, I have no more calculus for the rest of the semester, including a final. How sweet would that be? Um, very. I have enough to think about. Just one less thing.
Two case studies in genetics due. Working my butt off on those since I currently have a C in that class (I blame it on the group work.). One more chem lab writeup to do. No more gen chem labs ever. Lab test next Monday. Hmm, I’ll study for that over the weekend.
Test in chemistry on Friday. I am almost a B in that crazy wicked class. Must pull up grade. Then comes finals. Two chemistry finals which go over last semester AND this semester. If I get in the 90th percentile on that, my grade automatically goes up one letter. I could go from B to A. I could have my B in genetics and an A in chem. Score! What a concept! Tuesday is my evo/eco exam. Not too worried about that.
Wednesday I’ll have off. Thursday I may have off if I get out of my calc final. Then Friday. The scary genetics final which my prof already said would be hard. I’m shooting for 100+%. I need a better grade in that class.

Ah, so that is a summary of what is on my mind. Along with the fact that I need to go vacumn my car today. Talk about dirty. What else? Oh, moving out of the house I’m in right now, the fact that my lab prof is nowhere to be found which means I can’t finish my writeup, food cause I’m hungry, the fact that boys are not on my mind-HA!-I’m leaving the country in less than a month, then leaving again in June, I need to go get shots this Friday-bugger!-I should probably run today, I don’t know if I can run the 5K on Saturday, I doubt I have time for bible study wednesday, I need to teach Sunday school on Sunday….
Yeah, that is about ALL that is on my mind. 🙂 He he….
Basically, life as I know it in the fun sense is over until Friday May 4th. Then the next day I will party, because I will be 19. What a concept…I still can’t drink. He he. Just kidding.


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