End of the Weekend

Allrighty then…

I have a little less than three weeks of school. It is flying by. In one sense, I am psyched; but in another freaking out, wondering how I can get all the info in my brain for all these tests. I’m so done stressing about life though. I went to the Mill again this last Friday, and we started a series on the facet of God being so completely unfathomable. We talked about the verse in Psalms that says God made all the stars and didn’t forget one of them. When one considers that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand in the world and that when you look at stars on a clear night you only see a handful of those grains of sand, it can really put your brain in the right place concerning the sovereignty of God. What a comfort that He has a plan regardless of it all. It is in His hand, and I can completely rest in that. Who cares what comes at the end of this semester or the end of this day. God has it in His hands.

This is a new favorite song.


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