Someday I’ll write a book with all the funny conversations science and math majors have that I either hear around campus or am a part of…

Today in chemistry lecture:
Karina: “What is Delta S of the universe?”
Me: “Total entropy of the universe”.
Karina: *Face falls* “That’s too big”.

Yesterday in the math lab:
Dude 1: What is the optimal temperature for most compounds?
Dude 2: Well, most metals are supposed to be kept at X Fahrenheit. Remember that from the metal compounds lecture?
Dude 1: Well, how the heck do I keep my computer at that temperature?
Dude 3: Well, you could nitrogen blast it.
All: Laughing….

According to my calculus teacher, this equation (x^2+3xy+3y^2-2x+y-6=0) is a bimbo, therefore, we must use implicit differentiation.

Calc teacher: What is dx/dt?
Student: 2.5
Teacher: Why?
Student: I don’t know.
Yeah, that is pretty much the case. I know the answer, but I have no clue why. šŸ™‚

What would be even funnier than these conversations is if you guys didn’t think they were funny. He he…This whole post is ridiculous.


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