So, I tried to dye my hair blue on Tuesday, but my hair is so dark it just tinted green. Interesting…:) I guess the whole do something weird thing worked. It is a little weird. You can only tell if you look really close.

I am working on my first research proposal. Wow…I have an opportunity to do summer research on lab rats and aging processes. I could make $2000.00. Excellent opportunity! I could do this and still have time to work and make some money for tuition and rent over the summer.

I am running for president or vice president of bio club and/or tri beta. He he…I love doing whatever I want regardless of weirdness points racked up.

So, they say a cat always lands on its feet and buttered bread always lands on the buttered side. What happens if you staple buttered bread, buttered side up, to a cat’s back. Which side will land on the ground?

One more class for the day and I officially have three weeks of classes and one week of finals left. Whoopdeedoo! That means sixteen days of classes left. What a concept. I know I am coming to the end since I am finishing up a majority of my lab writeups and papers, leaving only studying left. It feels like the time has come to stop having fun and start studying has come. For example, this weekend, I have a formal chemistry lab writeup to do, a chemistry test to study for, a chemistry final to study for, a set of calculus homework to fix, and a set of calculus homework to do. And of course studying for genetics finals, evolution/ecology finals, and calculus is always looming ahead of me. Crossing my fingers for an A in calculus after this last test. If that is so, I don’t have to take the final. Score!


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