Life on a Friday

So, if there was any uncertainty before as to whether or not I really was a geek…I mean you may have thought I had some slight tendencies towards geekiness, but could possibly mask them over. Hmm, well, scratch that all off the record. It is official. And even recorded. I am now a member of the national chapter of Beta Beta Beta, an honor society for those interested in furthering biological sciences and research in this area of science. He he…I went to an induction ceremony last night. I joked about there being candles and pledges. Little did I know that there really would be candles and pledges. At least I didn’t have to raise my right hand as I said it. To top it off, I got home and had to break into my house because I forgot my house keys. Oops…

So I am pulling a Gideon. Yeah, Gideon as in, “God, it is now or never. What do you want from me?”. Stepping away from normal life AKA removing myself from *ahem* friends and seeking what His will is. I have until Tuesday night at 10:10. So, prayer would be appreciated.

Attempting to humble my prideful self and seek his face…


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