My “room” felt like an area with a bed in it, so I decided to do a bit of fixing up. I singlehandedly carried several articles of furniture to the shed we have outside. In its place, I put up some shelves and my CD holder. Now I can actually put my textbooks, notebooks, Bible, school supplies, and so forth somewhere. It is great! Now it feels like a room. I still miss my desk and bookshelf, but that may come at a later time.

At 9:45 I had already taken a calculus quiz, a chemistry test, driven to another city, heard a fantastic song, learned how to implicity differentiate a function, ate some cereal, had a muffin, and did my hair. The merits of getting up early…

I signed up for my fall classes. My schedule will be much more busy than this and last semester. Honestly a little hard to imagine, but at least I will have no math classes. I am already starting to pray for God to provide a job for next semester that fits in with my busyness. I will be taking cell biology, and its lab, human anatomy and physiology, and its lab, ichthyology (study of birds), and its lab, and organic chemistry with its lab. I go from on lab this semester to four. Wow…O chem should be interesting. It is a 2 day a week 3 hour lab. And it’s only two credits. How tragic is that…:)

Perfect love is casting out fear…


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