Happy Heart Day…Gah!

So my attempts at escaping today’s holiday are so far unsuccessful. It all started in calculus this morning….Happy valentine’s day to you as my teacher passes out our exam. Oh, come on, the whole exam on my mind thing was supposed to erase the holiday. Next was chemistry. My friends walks in and says “I just saw the cutest thing outside”. Me is thinking puppies, kittens, snowball fights. Nope. She tells me some guy was out on the off ramp on the way to school holding a giant paper heart that says “*Enter mushy name here*, will you be my valentine?”. Oh, come on! It is like 20 degrees outside. Talk about love erasing all sense of rightness in the head. I thought I may have escaped it when I am out of classes on my break. Not there either. Everywhere I turn, I see roses and candy hearts and pink and red and frills. Augh! I am close to gagging. Especially when even the biology club has been converted. They are selling valentine’s day chili. Spice up your day with chili is the slogan. The world is hopeless if even the bio club members can’t resist the holiday.
So, I have relatively few options left on this day of all days. My next idea is to go home, dig a hole in my backyard and bury my head in it. Wait, I think the ground is too frozen for that. Considering the 10 and 20 degree weather we’ve been having. Hmmm…I’ve got it! I’ll go buy a box of ice cream, get in my pjs, and watch movies. He he…Or not. Most likely I’ll hit the books.
Excuse the facetious nature of this post. Deep down, however, I contemplate the merits of it actually being veracious.
Off to genetics and evolution/ecology to see how else we might work happy heart day into the inner workings of the biological world.


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