Peas and Carrots!

I forgot how much I enjoy going to the vet’s office every week. I am still volunteering, but I am actually getting one credit at school for it, calling it field experience. Sounds so professional, considering I do the same exact thing I have always done before. I did, however, give my first shot to a horse. A horse came in with a big gash in his leg, probably obtained from running into a t-pole it couldn’t see in a snow drift. The wound was cleaned with high pressure salinated water, and the extra skin was cut off. It was packed with iodine, and I got to give the shot of penicillin. Score!

So, I have an opportunity to move out with some friends. I think it may be time to get out of a place where I am financially secure and put things in God’s hands. I am not saying it is a good idea to make dumb financial decisions; I just acknowledge that it is a wise and responsible thing to not mooch off my parents for the rest of my college career. So, my friends and I are both praying about it, although there seems to be no reason not to at this point. The only dilemma is a mode of transportation. I currently drive a Jeep not owned by myself, and I would need to buy something. Which is obviously an expensive endeavor. Prayer for wisdom and God’s supply would be much appreciato!

So, “the stalker” called again. Guess B** didn’t scare him off. Stupid persistent weirdo. I tried tracking the number, so I could figure out who it was, but I had no luck due to the fact that it was a cell number. I have an urge to beat the idiot up. Too bad I don’t know who he is. He’d be sorry he was ever born…

I am more than halfway to my missions money-$1620. This is now another area to be trusting God in. I had a certain amount in savings, and I thought I could always fall back on that if not enough came in. With moving out, things are changing drastically. I am suddenly going to be strapped for funds to pay tuition. Half of me questions why God is taking me through another “Trust Me” test. *Sigh* Well, now I have last semester to look back on and remember. He got me through. He’ll do it again.


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