Reading: Textbooks! “iGenetics”, “Exploring Evolution”, some ecology textbook, “Calculus”, and “Understanding Chemistry”. Talk about exciting stuff! 🙂

Music in my Head: Nothing really. Mentioning music in my head brings a few to mind, but nothing is irritatingly stuck necessarily.

Drinking: Nothing. Last stuff I drank was probably water.

Wishing: For God’s will for my life. Open my eyes and show me!

Considering: Life in general. I have a bad habit of analyzing way too much. I come to a situation and have to figure it out to every last detail. I am working on just enjoying life. Period.

Feeling: A little tired and hoping to catch up on some sleep. I do not see that happening anywhere in the near future however.

Goals: Enjoy life regardless of circumstances, do some more research on the options I am considering careerwise, stop worrying and analyzing every last detail, exercise self control in a certain life area, and be a better pool player.

To do list: Nothing much really. Homework is at an all time low. And who’s complaining? Certainly not me!

Hours spent in bathtub last night: Zero. I haven’t taken a bath in months. To clarify I have certainly showered, just not relaxed in a bath. There is not enough time in life for that one.

Things accomplished: I got a hold of Lindsay again which reminds me prayer for her would be greatly appreciated. I hope to show her Jesus’ love. I also put some streaks in my hair. I had a little too much time in my hands.

Hoping: I will hear Him more clearly everyday and understand Him more.


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