Random Words

I am writing what first comes to mind at the three words that the last person doing this tag came up with. I will then come up with three new words and tag someone.

Purple For some reason, I think of one of my friend’s pillowcase and comforter. Don’t ask me why. It is this bright purple thing with flower all over it. Who knows why that came to mind. That reminds me of that party she had where I dressed up like a guy. I was told I make a cute guy. Ahem, but that was NOT A COMPLIMENT!! 🙂
Folk Um, I think of hillbillies. Like Ozark hillbillies. Ooh, I want to go to Missouri! I could be a resident of the Ozarks. Maybe I will become a hillbilly. 🙂
Pinecone My sister and brothers made these turkeys for Thanksgiving out of pinecones. Then they gave one to my friend Saroj when he came for Thanksgiving dinner. Ha, that was funny. That also leads me to think about that day my Mom said one of my friends from school was coming for dinner. The friend of my Mom got this funny look and did that whole “Ah, I see” thing. It should have been clarified that this guy coming for dinner was a FRIEND!! 🙂 Ha ha, I was amused.

In conclusion, I find that my mind works in a very train of thought type of manner. I go from one thing to the next in a matter of seconds. In my mind at least. 🙂

Okay, I tag Erin.
My words are:
~Periodic Table


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