Life on a Tuesday

Christmas shopping done. It didn’t take long, because I am pretty broke. πŸ™‚ Since my Dad never reads this, I can tell what I got him. It is this sweet thing for backpacking-a fork, knife, and spoon all in one. I can’t wait for backpacking season to come around again. It will be awesome!

Anyway, on to the present. Life is going. Um, not much is in my head right now. It is honestly mostly blocked out by thinking about school and waiting for a phone call that I really want to get. A call from CofO, saying that I am accepted for next semester. *sigh* In one sense, I just want to not be on the waiting list, so I konw it is a no instead of constantly wondering. Plus, it just keeps getting harder with other friends going off to college. The girls I go to school with now are also on a waiting list for the school. I want to be happy when they get in, but I am also a sinful person, and I know it will be hard. Ah! I don’t want to be like that….Continued prayer would be appreciated.

I ran at a park in Pueblo today. It’s where the half marathon is on Saturday. I am excited! I think I may take a break on running after this marathon and wait for next season. I am getting a little burnt out on running. It isn’t as fun as it was. πŸ™‚ So, I am considering swimming. As a CSU-P student, I have a free membership with a health club here in Pueblo. I believe they have a pool. That would be a fun winter activity.


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