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So, I have two days until the Thanksgiving break has arrived. As little as half a week ago, I had grand plans for my break. They included such things as very little homework, lots of reading, and vegging out. Well, it doesn’t seem like that is a desire that will come to any sort of reality. I have physics homework, a ton of studying for finals to do, and a twelve page paper to finish. And most likely this list will get longer as I go to classes tommorrow and Friday. At first I was basically extremely frustrated and felt like just sitting and crying. Which I never do, so this was serious. I still feel a little bummed. Anyway, I came to the conclusion, that I had to buckle up and get over it. I would only be wasting time. I need to keep working hard for four more weeks, and I will be finished. Rather than being bummed about my hopes for a vacation being dashed šŸ™‚ I am going to be thankful for the time off that I have to get caught up on some things. I hope to still fit in some of the things I wanted to do, but I have concluded that they will not be as numerous as I thought they would be. I do not think I will be finishing a book, so maybe I will read some of Shakespeare’s poems. I will not watching movies with Emily every night, so I will be content with a few movies. And I may not have time to work as much as I thought, but I will be happy for what opportunities I do have.

My story of the day: Today in zoology lecture, we were talking about the amphibians being ancestors of modern mammals. My teacher gave us a challenge, and I have the answer and should be receiving large sums of money very soon. He said he had no idea why amphibians (as our ancestors) show as many as 12 phalanges (fingers) while moderns mammals generally only show five. He said if we could figure this out, the lucky student should tell him, and we could go off to Stockholm and win a Nobel Prize. After much thought and racking of my brain, I came to the following conclusion. Sure, it took a while, but I finally got there. Here is it. The mind boggling answer. Um, we aren’t descended from amphibians. A salamander is not my long lost great^10 aunt, and a caecilian is not my a million times removed cousin. So, there. Now I can resign from school and be rich for the rest of my life.


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