Sorry about not writing who wrote “Stained Glass Masquerade”. I got ahead of myself. The song is by “Casting Crowns”.

“There’s nowhere else I could be but here”.

Life is such an odd concept. If there is one thing I have been learning this year, that would be it. We have no clue from day to day where we may be at. I mean, next year this time is so vague. I could be in Missouri, I could be living at home, I could be living with friends in Pueblo… For all I know, I could be in Thailand. 🙂 It was kind of hard at first to get used to having no clue what life might bring. The unknown can be scary. But after a while, I realize I love the spontanaity of it. I am at a point in life where I really don’t have many ties or responsibilities to hold me down. This gives me many opportunities to live life. For example, Africa. It is a huge blessing to just all of a sudden find out it is a possibility and start to plan on going. Or if CofO calls suddenly, I may just pack up and go. If I find a cheap apartment here in Pueblo, I could just pack my whole room likely in several tiny boxes and move in. Improvise on furniture of course….

Now after all of that, I may seem like some weirdo who claims to have no family ties. That is so not true. After talking to a friend who hasn’t seen his family in a few months, I realize how blessed I am to have them around. Which gives me an idea for my daily thankful stuff.
Dad: We have been running some races together and training at the Riverwalk when we can. It is really great. The life lessons you can pull out of running have been cool things to talk about. All the Bible verses about running and enduring take on a new meaning.
Mom: She takes care of me no matter how old I am. Buys me socks when I’m poor. She even made me these cookies to take to school, because she was worried that I was running too much and not eating enough.
Emily: The fashion queen. I love it about her! She gives me lots of great advice. 🙂
Micah: He’s a great guy. We get along good, and I love it when we have conversations about random things. And I appreciate you opening all those doors for me. 🙂
Josiah: You always make me laugh. I think you make everyone laugh. Keep on being your silly self.
Aubry: My little princess. I love how you come into my room when I am doing homework and ask to “hang out”. Don’t stop doing it. Oh, and I love all the pictures you draw for me that wait on my bed after school. 🙂

Also, I have my official course list for next semester. I am taking 17 credits, but I only look at it as 16, because one of the credits is work study-something I already do, it will just be on my transcript now.
-Calculus-4 credits
-General Chemistry II/Lab-5 credits
-Evolutionary Biology and Ecology-3 credits
-Molecular Biology and Genetics-2 credits
-Genetics-2 credits
-Work Experience-1 credit

It seems weird to take two genetics classes at once, but I guess we will see how it goes….
Also, I will only be at school four days a week, so I will actually have time to work a little bit. That is a big blessing! And my first junior/300 courses will be this semester. I am very excited about that.


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