Monday Madness

Happy first of 12 days before it is Thanksgiving break! Happy day with first of two chemistry labs before break! Happy day with first of two physics labs before break! No, I really am not counting down. I love school, but I am really looking forward to the opportunity to read some books, watch some movies, eat some ice cream, work and make some money, have some turkey and mashed potatoes, and also do a little bit of studying. The weeks will just fly by after this.

Things Thankful for Today:
1. Funny phyics problems. Today we did one that determined the shear modulus of JELLO. No, I am definantly not kidding! 🙂
2. Friends I meet in the commons area. I met a guy the first week of school. He just comes to campus and talks to people about God. I see him a few times a week and we always talk along with some other students that drift along. It is really great to get some encouragement at school. We read verses and pray and just talk about life.

I am at a point where I must have more. This is the place of all or nothing. Really. It has to be either give it up or give Him my all. I have no other choice. I have decided to give it my all, and give up whatever He wants me to give up. I yearn for that place of being filled by Him. I can have it no other way.


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