So, the weekend is upon me once again. And once again I have a test to study for. This last batch of tests, I haven’t studied too crazy for. I just had a bit of a funk on studying energy I believe…:) I will have to pick it up though for this next chemistry test I have on Tuesday. Once again, my weekend seems as if it will be a little…slow. So much for that college life I thought students had! Oh well, I went a chemistry study session and everyone else was saying the same thing, so maybe I am not the only one.

I applied for my passport yesterday. I had to raise my right hand and say I wasn’t lying. Ha ha! Then I had to take a stupid passport pick twice in front of a gazillion people. I have decided my form of hell would be taking pictures in front of people for the rest of my life. Ick!

Well, have a good weekend. I will probably be on a few more times before then…:)


Well, my weekend is shaping up a bit. I am doing more than studying. Whoopee! Anyway, right now I should technically be studying. Either that or sleeping since I am getting up at 6:30 tommorrow for water testing in Pueblo. Audra tried to get me to go running with her before that-as in 5:00, but I didn’t think we could run 11 miles in that amount of time we had. Therefore, we are set for Sunday.

Once again, I have been informed that I look like an elf. I used to have people tell me that in like 9th grade, but I guess my elven characteristics have resurfaced. Hmm, this whole elven business could be a positive thing. Graceful, mysterious, regal. *Starts laughing* I don’t think any of those describe me. Except maybe mysterious. As in my mind is a crazy, wacko place. 🙂

Two weeks! I can hardly believe it. Only 10 days of class until I have a break for Thanksgiving. Just enough time to study for finals. Hooray!


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