Momentous news!! First off, I must clarify that this is big for me to even vocalize this. I may have entertained a thought for about 0.5 seconds, but I quickly eliminated it, not wanting to add any more possibilities. Sure, options and opportunities are nice, but, in this situation, it almost added an element of stress or I felt like I was failing if I didn’t set out to do what I wanted to do.

With that clarification out of the way…..I think I may change my major. Okay, so you guys may not think that’s a big thing. But coming from the girl who has been planning on being a veterinarian since she was nine, this is big. It isn’t for sure yet, but I am certainly weighing my options and going to meet an adviser tommorrow. I love certain aspects of biology-specifically zoology. I have an interest in the macroscopic elements of the study, but in order to get a degree in this field, I am studying so many things that I enjoy learning about, but 1) do not come naturally at all, and 2) are not something I REALLY love learning about. In order to get a bachelor’s in biology, I still have to take 4 chem classes, a calculus class, and several others I may not get a huge kick out of. Sure, I like math when I can figure it out, but what I really love is….books. And words. And writing. And reading. I was in the university library yesterday and felt like I had had an epiphony. I was trying to do physics homework and couldn’t even concentrate with all the books surrounding me. Tolstoy, Frost, and Dickens were calling my name. I just couldn’t stop looking…

More later. Gotta go to class.


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