My Weekend

It was a good one. It started out with socialization. Wow is what I am nearly certain you are thinking. I actually went and hung out with Sarah. Good stuff. “Would that be considered socialization or exercise?”. 🙂 I hope that cheered you up. Either that or me declaring I didn’t brush my hair. Then I came home and watched movies with the madre and hermana.

Saturday was training for the research I am going to be doing. I am going to start sampling water at a local river that has a ton of stuff wrong with it. A lot of sewage is spilled into it, meaning it is full of E. Coli bacteria. I get to go out every few weeks and sample water. It is also a possibility that I will do some lab work. Who knows. It will be good for a resume anyway. Then of course homework. I have a chem test on Tuesday, so I am trying to master all that info.

Today was a lazy day. Well, the first part. I tried to rescue a bird with a broken wing. My parents were clearing out all the dead sunflowers and found a finch with a broken wing. I put him in a big tub and was going to get some bird seed and call a vet on Monday to see if anything could be done. I know the chances of a wild bird surviving a “captive rescue” was quite low, but he wasn’t going to live long outside with no way to fly away. Well, I put my cat inside to make sure she didn’t get to him. My Mom came in a bit later saying she had gotten out. And gotten to the bird. I know I am 18, but I actually started crying. Yeah, it’s dumb, but it made me sad. I tried to rescue the little guy and it didn’t work. Well, I did what I could. And he was cute.

Then I went running with my Dad. We actually completed a 10K. Hooray! I did it. It is possible. I now know that I will be able to finish it when I do it. For those who asked, it will be on October 7th at 9 am at the Riverwalk. Anyway…

Hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂


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