Hello, Friday!

My day has been made. Okay, so it is a Friday and everything seems ten times better, but I discovered the place. My place here at school. The library! I’ve never been in it before. It is amazing! Six floors of movies, tapes, books, reference books, interlibrary loans, periodicals, government documents, coffee, study rooms, and rare books. Wow, this is my heaven on earth. I found it while doing an assignment for a class. What an awesomely awesome place. Glad I finally found it!
Well, I am officially 25% of the way done with my semester. It went by pretty fast. A month goes by fast when you’re super duper busy. I have lots to do this weekend too! Chemistry test to study for which is Tuesday, biology to study, and physics to study. On top of that, I have my field research training tommorrow!! How exciting. And then Sunday I have a few things with friends. Yay! Social interaction….:)

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