Life in General

Well, once again, I did nothing this weekend. I guess that is just how life goes-you go through cycles where sometimes it is kinda boring. Oh well! Once again, I watched Gilmore Girls. Emily and I watched some of the second season of Lost. Very interesting….and suspenseful…

I studied for a my biology lab and lecture test, along with doing some physics homework and chemistry studying. I checked my planner and found that for the next-at least-six weeks, I have a test on Monday or Tuesday which I will spend the weekend studying for. To look at it as the optimist, I would say at least they aren’t all clumped at once to where I have to study for three tests in one weekend. 🙂

I’ve been deemed WonderWoman. Since my cohorts consist of Superman, Flash, and Catwoman, among others, some think we should all get t-shirts and hold hands and skip to class. What an interesting group of people…

My sister and I went to Hastings last night to pick up a movie. For some reason, they were giving away scratch cards. I bequeathed it to Emily, because I am fabulous. Anyway, she picked two to scratch and they match. Her third she hasn’t scratched yet. She claims to be thinking about it. Needless to say, she didn’t like my “eenie-meenie-miny-mo” idea. Oh, come on! 🙂


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