Summer 2

So, part of the whole 18 thing was a blast. I had a ton of time this summer to hang out with friends. I think I would call it the summer of TPing and forking. Gotcha, guys! 🙂 Well, I was also “gotten” too-and pretty stinking bad too-but it was worth it.

Talk about staying up late and watching a ton of Gilmore Girls. I was getting home at, um, well, hmm, 12 nearly every night. That was mostly when work was at a lull. Six am mornings and 1 am mornings do not work well at all! Oh, and spoons. Extreme spoons was a blast! I was champ. The best part of that was getting the spoon first and watching everyone else tackle each other for a spoon. What amusement. I should have thought to get that on tape. I am sure someone would have bought it at a really good price.

A summer of friends. A summer of a little bit more than friends. Some mistakes, but I only hope those mistakes make for better friends. It seems like those battles are so hard, but I almost wonder if it is worth it for the end result. I thought I had it all planned out. Life was perfect. Then God came in and opened my eyes. At WV camp, I had so much time to just talk with God. I kept pursuing Him until He gave me the answer I had to have. I was a diligent seeker of His will. And I got the answer. It was hard, and I probably had to say one of the hardest things I’ve ever said, but it was right. They may not have understood, but since when do we understand God? I realize that God’s plan for my and that other person’s life was not what we thought. But whatever He has in mind is going to be so much better. What an experience!

More later…


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