It’s late

Whoa! I’m freaking out here. So many of the people I’ve known since I was little-like 5 years old or 12ish…they’re getting married or have VERY serious relationships. This is way too weird. My friends getting married? It seems like so recently that we were having sleepovers (at the female friend’s houses of course. :)) or being weird together. Life was so simple. Clothes didn’t matter, hair didn’t matter. The real world was so distant. No college, no work, no worries really. Crazy thought really.

I’ve officially lost it. I had a dream about vectors. No, I’m not kidding. I see shapes and convert them to trig functions. I wash my car and wonder about acceleration and velocity. I think I need a physics exorcism.

Hmmm, what about studying abroad? That’s an idea. I could either go to Missouri or study abroad. What a leap. I think I may apply and see what happens.

Oh, did I tell you, I am officially a bio geek. I joined bio club. Isn’t it…nerdy? šŸ™‚ Now all I need is glasses and a mysteriously lumpy backpack. Hmm, with all the papers and books and food and pencils and calculators and post-it notes I carry in there, that may already be taken care of.

Understanding the concept of learn from mistakes. Getting better at that. It stinks, but at least I am improving. It could certainly be worse. Then again, I wonder…Did I do the right thing? I go between making the mature decision of moving on and thinking I should continue to try and fix it. What to do….

It’s late. I should probably stop typing things that mean nothing to anyone except me.


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