Bane of My Existence

Ooops, it has been while since I posted, huh? Sorry. The physics has basically sucked up all my time like a vacumn. Like a mean, evil, scary vacumn with yellow fangs and red bloodshot eyes…Okay, so maybe that is a little drastic. But not very if you ask me. 🙂 Anyway, I got my first quiz back today and it was a C. I guess I shall continue in the class. I have to take it sooner or later, right? I will just have to be a crazy dedicated physics “enthusiast”. Pretend I said that last word very sarcastically. I can’t believe it. My first C. I am so saddened you can’t even believe it. Man, I’m the chick that got stressed out about a B in my algebra class. I pulled out of it with an A, but I am just very serious about all this GPA stuff. I have always been one to consider less than the best a failure. Argh! I know that isn’t true though….So, anyway, I’m going to really busy this semester with that subject. My goal is a B. Well, truly an A, but I trying to be realistic.

So, I have a ton-wait, no, a megaton (Note the chem terms….) of homework this weekend. My fam is going up to the cabin, but I think I may miss out on that one. I have tests coming up in a few of my classes and lots to do. Man, I love this school stuff. I just wish my hard work paid off in the grades I wanted….Anyway, that is what I will be doing this weekend I believe. Along with some Gilmore Girls I suppose. 🙂 See if I can dig through the change drawer and rack up a few bucks in quarters. Maybe “splurge” on some ice cream. The life of a college kid…It is interesting. 🙂


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