It Has Been A While

ImageddIt has been a while. About a year and a half in fact. I am surprised that I remembered all of my log in information for this website. Over the last year and a half, I moved with my husband to California where he was stationed in 29 Palms. We lived there for a year, nearly bored out of our minds in the arm pit of hte universe. I had my motorcycle and job at a local veterinary clinic to keep me company. We watched many movies and read a lot of books.

About this time last year, I found out that I was accepted to CSU’s veterinary program. I am about to start up my second semester of veterinary school in a week. So I am wondering why in the world I have decided to start up this blog again. I have two one year old labs, two cats, a husband, a really busy schedule with vet school class, homework, clubs, and foal care emergency care.

I have a lot that I am working through and I am not sure how to get it out except to just write. Sometimes that helps. Over the past few weeks, the love of my life has started to process a lot of things that he went through in Iraq. It has made our relationship really hard for the past few weeks. We had a pretty miserable Christmas and he missed our anniversary because he was disappearing after work for a few days. Thinking someone is out to kill him, saying I make his life miserable, depression.

It has been really hard. I’ve done some major reading, soul searching, and even seeking out some counseling for myself. I am attempting to find a balance between staying strong and being vulnerable to him in our relationship. Feeling his pain and trying to understand and keeping myself out of depression. Having hope for a brighter future and trying to understand I may always have a changed Luke. Wanting to stay and support him and wondering if all of this is worth it.

I have decided to use this blog as a way to share what is happening in my life anonymously and just meet others over the internet who are going through the same thing. Here is to new beginnings!


I’m Back!!!!!!

I am back on the face of the planet. So, I was a little deceived when I thought I would have time to blog at LTC. A combination of 0430 wakeups, fire guard every 3 nights, drill sergeant training AKA torture, no internet, a ton of training, and little cell phone reception, there was no blogging going on.

To summarize, it was one of the best and most difficult experiences ever. I….

…learned to have fun when things aren’t fun.

…qualified on an M-16.

…decided to not contract as a 2nd lieutenant.

…decided to go forward with vet school.

…met way cool (and some not so cool) people from the U.S. of A and Puerto Rico.


….for a little while. Tomorrow at before sunrise, I am headed on a plan to Kentucky. I am headed to LTC for a month. I really have no idea how my communication will be-if I will have phone or internet or not. I am hoping to upkeep my blog and post on the different things that happen. If not, I will post pictures and stories later.

Drowning Taxis

Introduction: No, really, we drowned a taxi. One Saturday, we decided to go to the Churaumi Aquarium in Naha (This is where the shark and cool sea snake pictures come from).

Chapter 1: It rained all day on aquarium day. I got pretty wet walked from our room on base to the taxi about an eighth of a mile away.

Chapter 2: The aquarium was awesome. I dried by the time we got ready to head home.

Chapter 3: *imagine tsunami like rain here* On our way from the exit to finding a taxi, I became as wet as if I had jumped into a pool. I even had a courtesy umbrella from the aquarium (I thought this was rather awesome of the Japanese to help people attempt to stay dry. Even if it was unsuccessful.). Because of the buckets of water falling along with huge gusts of wind, we got to our taxi dripping. Soaking. Drenched.

Chapter 4: Taxi man laughs and asks where we want to go. We say Camp Schwab. Taxi man starts driving.

Chapter 5: We notice that many of the roads are seemingly flooded. And many cars are turning around. Not taxi man. He laughs. And drives through.

Chapter 6: Well, on about the third occasion of driving through small flooded streets, we come to a large flooded street. Taxi man laughs. And drives through. Or tries to. Suddenly, I feel the tires lose traction with the ground and we float a little. The engine idles and we are stuck. In a small river on the road.

Chapter 7: I am amused and glad this is not my car. Suddenly, I feel my feet getting wetter than they already are. Is this possible I ponder? Well, apparently water is coming in the taxi.

Chapter 8: The water is up to my butt, so I move to higher elevation, i.e., Luke’s side of the taxi.

Chapter 9: We exit the taxi. With water up to our waists.

Chapter 10: We chill in a random Japanese hotel for a few minutes (The Japanese waiters give us towels to dry off. Very nice people….) while laughing taxi man calls other taxi man to finish taking us home.

Conclusion: We make it home. This taxi man does not laugh. And does not drive through flooded streets. By the way, it is still raining….

My New Friend, Earl

I found a baby bird. I named him Earl. His parents probably already have a name for him, but I suppose it can be a nickname. I was out on the porch taking pictures of fabric for my Mom’s shop when I looked down and saw a baby bird on the planter just watching me. He didn’t even try to run away. He was old enough to perch but was unable to fly as he had no tail feathers yet. I ran inside to grab a bowl and lined it with some washcloths. I came back out and picked him up. Earl is apparently very brave as he did not flinch or try to get out of my hand. I put him in the bowl and he promptly hopped out. Apparently Earl enjoys adventures. So I picked him up and walked around a bit looking for nests. I heard some distressed chirping at the edge of the yard and figured it may be Earl’s parents telling him to get his butt back in the nest. I decided to leave Earl close to them and head back to the porch, so they could get him home without being scared by me. I went back to the porch and continued taking pictures. All of a sudden I looked down and saw Earl. He was looking up at me. Apparently Earl did not fall out of his nest. He jumped out of his nest, looking for an adventure. In an effort to eliminate any distraction, I went back inside so Earl could head back to Mom and Dad. I went over to the other side of the house and continued to take pictures. A few minutes later, I looked over to a bush and saw Earl and his Mom. They were talking. But it was in birdspeak, so I am not sure what they said. In any case, Mom hopped halfway across the driveway (I assumed she was going towards the nest.) and turned around and called to Earl. Earl exited the bush, and came about a quarter of the way across the driveway. And darted into the garage where I was located. After all of this Earl love, I decided I really should leave and went inside completely. I think you’re cute, Earl, but I would imagine your parents can take better care of you. A few hours later, I checked outside and there was no sign of Earl. He must have finally decided to go home and save the adventures for another day.

More Japan adventures to come….

More Japan

So, we had this thing we did while apart where we wore our matching superhero pj’s on Tuesday nights. We were pretty stoked to wear them together in “real life”. 🙂

I came across a shark while snorkeling! Just kidding….This is a picture from an aquarium. It just looks like I’m in the water….

These are real sea snake type things. They stick in the sand with their little heads popping out. SO weird!

The ocean from Japan. And me looking high. 😛

I’m back!

I have returned! I was not exactly stoked to leave-in fact, it was extremely hard to walk out of Luke’s hug at the airport-but we have only 5 weeks left. Just in case, someone has no clue what I am talking about…my guy and I got married December 28. He deployed one week later. Probably the biggest challenge I’ve ever walked through so far. We have done one other deployment before, but it wasn’t as hard, because we were just dating at the time. In any case, we had the opportunity to visit him in Okinawa, Japan for about 13 days. <3!!!!!!!! I mean ❤ L, not necessarily Japan. Yes, Japan was fabulous, but spending time with Luke was more fabulous. For the next few days, I will post some pictures of our many adventures.

Japan has the coolest vending machines. Each of them seriously has around 30 different drinks to choose from. The most interesting one we tried was called Pocari Sweat. It was supposed to replenish your body with all the electrolytes you had sweated off after exercise. Unfortunately, it actually did taste like salt. Thus, it tasted like sweat. Ew…

No, Luke is not eating icky Japanese food. He is eating icky instant camping/backpacking food. He tried to get neopolitan ice cream. It was odd. It tasted like cardboard. And it wasn’t cold like ice cream usually is….

This is Bob. Bob the hermit crab. There were TONS of hermies on the beaches. And since Okinawa is a small island, there was a lot of beach. Thus a lot of hermie. The beach that I went to just about every day was a five minute walk from the building we stayed in. It was on base and close to where the traks that L drives leave from.

I love the ocean. I was born near it, and think I was made to stay close to it. I am also in love with CO though…As you can see from the picture, it is pretty cloudy and green. It is green, because it is cloudy and rainy most days. We had one day of total sunshine all day. Other than that, there were probably 2 afternoons where it wasn’t cloudy.


24 Hours

24 hours is the amount of time I have left before I get on a plane to Japan.

I really am flying United. That isn’t just any random airplane picture.

0530-Wake up, shower, make lunch for later (since airplane food is not only expensive but disgusting), stuff bags in car, say a quick hi/bye to L on Skype
0630-The wonderful Madre is taking me to the airport two hours away. She is *insert sarcasm here* super excited about waking up so early.
1035-Plane leaves for LA. Whenever I have layovers in Cali, I have a happy sad feeling. Happy because Cali is where I always see L. Sad, because at that current point in time he is not there. (I hate airports by the way. L and I have had about 8 good-byes that range from anywhere from 1 month to 9 months in airports. Whenever I can manage it, all further travels should be conducted on trains, ships, or….hot air balloons to avoid this sad airport feeling.)
1302-1630 (+one day) Fly from LA to Toyko. 11 hour and 28 minute flight. Praying that I sleep through it all.
1745-2035-Toyko to Naha, Okinawa. Praying that Luke gets off work in time to come get me. If not, airport floor will be calling my name: “Sleep on me, sleep on me!”.

Next blog will occur at unknown time, but if and when I find internet, I will be blogging from Asia!!! Four continents down, three to go….


Thank you, Edge, for the award! I am passing it off to Pink Apple Core and Rabenstrange!

More later. My Dad just walked in saying it was time to head to work. But I already those I passed the award on to to check out this post!

Beginning and Grand Plan

While everyone else is finishing, I am just beginning. Lost. I don’t have TV, and I got tired of waiting so long for each season to come out on DVD. By the time the next season came out, I had forgotten the previous one. Therefore, I put it off until it was nearly done. It’s nearly done, so I am now watching it.

Spanish update: So, since L is in the military he gets access to Rosetta Stone for free. Maybe the government thinks that people will decide to learn the language of the countries they are deploying to. Who knows. In any case, I am getting Rosetta Stone Spanish for free for another year and a half. This is one part of my grand plan to not be bored in 29 Palms. It is actually a five part plan. See plan below….

Part 1. Work. Yes, work. What can I say, I have to stay busy. Besides, gotta have money to live by oneself like an adult and also save for that grand degree I’m planning on.

Part 2. Volunteer. At an animal clinic. Yup, still working on those never ending animal hours for vet school. Last time I checked, I had about 200 hours to go which I am hoping to finish just in time for my October vet school applications. Which brings me to part 3.

Part 3. School Applications. Once again, the long and expensive process of applying to veterinary schools and graduate programs will commence this summer. Vet apps are due October 1st and grad school applications seem to be about January or February.

Part 4. Learn Spanish. For real. I did it halfway-fakey in high-school and had another halfhearted attempt in college by corresponding with my Spanish speaking grandma through letters. It generally involved looking up every word in my Spanish-English dictionary. I have motivation this time though! The guy I intern for at the dairy says that Spanish is a huge factor in the feed animal (especially dairy) industry. Knowing Spanish is a fantastic skill to have in this area of work.

Part 5. Write a Book. I’m serious. I have always wanted to, but I thought I had to be a good writer or be more mature first. I guess I thought I had to be qualified. Come to think of it, though, when have I ever succeeded at something I was qualified for? Never. When I have succeeded at something I had no clue about? More often.

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